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Portugal Health Declaration Form


Portugal has a progressive health care policy that allows patients to choose their preferred provider. It is a very good system that meets the requirements of its people and allows everyone to get the best medical attention in the shortest time possible. The primary purpose of the health declaration form, is to ensure that everyone has easy access to quality healthcare. This is done by a transparent system that ensures everyone knows exactly what they get for their money. There are several documents that need to be presented to the relevant authorities at the time of application to ensure everything goes smoothly.

These documents are the backbone of any Portuguese healthcare system. They enable citizens to receive free healthcare without any restrictions. It is very simple to understand and one only needs to fill it up accurately. Some details need to be filled up very precisely while others are left to be absolutely. All this takes place at the comforts of home itself, which is probably the biggest advantage of the process over other options available for citizens.

The process of filling up the form is quite straightforward and the procedures are laid down by law. It is possible to get a duplicate copy of the form online from the relevant authority that helps in delivering services across the country. There is no charge for obtaining this form online and this also saves a great deal of people from having to personally go to the authorities and fill it up in person. This saves them from losing valuable time while they wait for the health service representatives to attend to them.

One can also make use of the national phone number of the Portugal health services to obtain the declarations online. This phone number is maintained at hand so one can always reach them at any given time of the day or night. There is also a Portugal Health Declaration phone line that is manned by the service operators who ensure calls are kept to a minimum. All the relevant information is required in the declarations page that is to be submitted online. Before they can be approved, the declarations must be submitted together with other documents.

The forms can be sent electronically to the person concerned, which saves time and effort in going to the designated authority to get the document signed in person. The privacy factor provided by the health authorities is another important benefit. The complete address of the concerned individual along with all the contact information has to be indicated on the online form. There is no disclosure of personal information like your name, address and your telephone number. Even your social security number is not divulged in the case of this form.

If you are unable or unwilling to submit the form online you can send a printed copy by hand. You can also fax the form to the person concerned. All the necessary information has to be filled in and submitted along with the necessary proofs that are to be verified by the authorized person. All these efforts are taken to ensure that your medical information is kept confidential and private and the only information that is divulged is your signature on the declaration page. The declaration should be submitted along with the duly completed registration form for your Portuguese Health Insurance.